VG10 Steel

VG-10 is a unique formulation of steel with a high carbon content, and containing various amounts of one or more of the following: Chromium, Vanadium, Molybdenum and Cobalt. The steel is specially designed for high-quality blades used in kitchen cutlery, such as chef's knives, vegetable knives, cleavers, paring knives, carving knives and the like. VG-10 is often called "super steel," because it is designed to maintain sharpness and durability without becoming brittle, a major fault normally associated with exceptionally hard steel. This quality is ideal when extreme sharpness is desired, as most other steel will not take or keep an edge like VG-10. When this type of steel is used in a knife, it is normally encased in layers of steel providing greater corrosion-resistance, leaving only the "super steel" exposed at the edge for fine cutting.

vg10 Damascus detail 01vg10 Damascus detail 02

Our folding knife, Denali, features a VG10 Blade. See it on our Folding Knife page.

Largest Chef
vg10 largest chef

   13” overall, blade is 8 3/16 long x .082 thick

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vg10 santoku

   11 ¾ overall, blade length 7” x .085 thick

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vg10 chef

   10 1/8 overall, blade length 6” x .066 thick

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vg10 chef/steak

   8 ¾ overall, blade length 4 5/8 x .065 thick

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Small Chef/Parer
Vg10 small chef/parer

   7 ¼ overall, blade length is 3”x .065 thick

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