The Ulu is a special tool that originated in the Eskimo culture. The word ulu means “woman’s knife” as the women cleaned and prepared the game that was brought home. It has been used for centuries. The ulu blade was originally made from thin, flat pieces of slate or jade. Handles were fashioned from wood, ivory, antler or bone. The ulu is a wonderful tool for working with meat: skinning, slicing, etc. It is also our favorite knife to use in the kitchen in many other ways: slicing or chopping vegetables and herbs, preparing mushrooms, and any other meal preparation that you are doing. We hope that you will enjoy using your ulu as well as beauty it brings to your kitchen. Glacial Silt has been inlayed in the ends of many of our ulu handles. This silt was gathered along the Chilkat River after flowing through the goldfields of Porcupine and the National Bald Eagle Preserve.

Care: Hand wash your ulu and do not allow it to soak in water. Occasionally apply mink oil to the handle to keep it water resistant.

We now cary ulus made by Maynard Linder who uses recycled saw blades to create ulus in several traditional types, shapes and sizes.  The handles are made of shed caribou antlers.

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  Please feel free to call and talk to Rhonda about the style you are intersted in and make a special order.