Slap a Bear?

We are often questioned about our logo, which refers to “Slappin' a Bear” so here is the history behind the logo:

I worked for a tourist company that took people up a mountain trail. Along the way we fed them a great meal at a log lodge. The company had been frying halibut on the wood deck at the lodge for five years. Over time, the local bears had learned to come looking for grease that spilled or tidbits of food that was scattered around outside.

The year I worked there, we had a large black bear that started coming around during the day. He had lost all fear of people. One day he came right up under the deck while I had 39 tourists eating lunch. Everyone grabbed their cameras and wanted to get a close up of the 300 pound bruin. It became apparent that the bear was not worried about the people. That is when they really become dangerous. I went to the edge of the deck and waved my arm and yelled at him to get him to go away. When I did, he reared up and slapped the railing with both front feet and let out a growl.

Being a Southerner and rather hard headed, I took offense from his actions and decided it was time to take things into my own hands, so to speak. When he looked back up, I slapped him as hard as I could right across the muzzle. Fortunately for me, he decided it was time to leave, which he did in a hurry. He took off so fast that he tripped and rolled down the steep bank until he could regain his footing and then he disappeared into the bush. The bear did not return for over three weeks and then only at a distance. I came away with a handful of bear spit and a group of shocked tourists.

When the bear fur settled, my wife, mother and daughter-in-law all advised me that they would kill me if I ever did something like that again. I think I stood a better chance against the bear then the three of them.

So now you know the reasoning behind our logo, which states our products are “Worth Slappin' a Bear For.”