Daggers are beautiful pieces of the old world when they were mainly used for personal protection. They are now largely used as collectables. Our dagger handles are made of Dymondwood. The beautiful finish is the result of extensive hand sanding and buffing—there is no varnish!

Dymondwood: Dymondwood is manufactured in Vermont and is a patented process that creates both beautiful and durable handles. American hardwoods are heat and pressure treated with epoxy to make a laminated wood that is compressed to half its original thickness and is three times harder than the natural wood. Dymondwood is nearly impervious to water and most chemicals. (Placed in water for 24 hours is absorbs only 1.2% by weight.) Rod crafts each knife handle one at a time so that it fits nicely in your hand. Since there is no varnish on the Dymondwood, any future scratches can be sanded out and buffed to look new again.

Care: It is always best to hand wash your good knives, not allowing them to soak in water.

If you would like your knife to have custom features, please feel free to place a special order.


The Totem

    7 3/8" overall, 3 8/16" blade, 1 1/16" wide, satin finish/ 440C Surgical Stainless

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Don't Break My Heart
don't break my heart

    6 1/4" overall, 3 3/4" blade, 1/8" thick / 440C Surgical Stainless

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"Sword in the Stone"
don't break my heart

    Don't Break My Heart Dagger with an antler base for display

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