Alaska Rod's Knives and Healing Salves

Our Business Philosophy

Simply stated: Our goal is to make high quality knives and natural healing salves, using only the best ingredients available. We will provide the kind of service you expect from a small company that still makes their products by hand. Everything we sell can be custom tailored to your desires.

Alaska Rod's Knives

Rod found that the majority of the knives on today’s market are either cheap, overpriced foreign made knives or they are hand made knives that only collectors can afford. Wanting to fill a large gap in the market, he has come up with a line of knives that are handcrafted with top quality materials and are offered at prices that most people can afford.

All Natural Healing Salves

After studying the natural cures and treatments used by the local natives and naturalists, Rod and Rhonda decided to venture into the forest and river valleys to find and harvest some of our local medicinal plants.

Our studies and research have led us to create this line of all natural products that use locally harvested plants and time honored traditional recipes that provide you with traditional alternatives to the chemical treatments of today.

Alaska Mud Fudge

We make our own fudge using top quality ingredients, including real butter and cream. We offer delicious flavors like Moose Drool, Volcano, Gold Rush, Bear Scat and others. Please call for current avalibilty. We also have great flavors in Sucrose Free Fudge for our diabetic friends (made with fructose).

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